How Much are Dumpster Rentals in Florida?

June 5, 2023

How much are dumpsters in Florida? Whether you’re a property manager or are ready for spring cleaning at home, a dumpster rental is vital! Dumpsters keep properties safe while also keeping trash contained for easy pickup.

While every dumpster rental agency sets their own prices, reviewing averages gives you an idea of what to expect. This information can also help you choose the right dumpster size for your project. With that in mind, check out some basic Florida dumpster rental prices.

Average Dumpster Rental Cost in Florida

As you go through this list, remember that you shouldn’t choose a dumpster based on price alone! You’ll fill up an undersized dumpster quickly. Also, some undersized bins might not even hold bulky items such as furniture. Always ask your rental agent for recommendations when choosing a dumpster for your property or project.

  • A 10-yard dumpster might average between $250 and $450 or more. Ten cubic yards is about the size of four standard pickup truck beds. Note, these bins are typically too small to hold furniture and renovation debris. Instead, choose a 10-yard dumpster for smaller projects such as a quick spring cleaning or yard cleanup.
  • Most 20-yard dumpsters start at $425 and run to $550, on average. These dumpsters hold about as much debris as 8 standard pickup truck beds. A 20-yard dumpster is best suited for small renovation or cleanout projects that won’t involve bathroom fixtures or furniture.
  • Larger, 30-yard dumpsters typically run between $500 and $600 on average. Choose a 30-yard dumpster for commercial properties or reroofing projects. They’re also best for larger cleanouts and renovations, such as when you’ll be disposing of furniture, bathroom pieces, and the like.
  • A 40-yard dumpster is often the largest available from most rental agencies. These might run $625 to over $700 to rent. Choose 40-yard dumpsters for larger commercial properties or construction projects. Also, note their height as well as their length and width, and opt for a walk-in style when needed.

How Do You Choose the Right Dumpster Size?

First, consider accessibility on your property and what might fit a driveway or other space. Second, don’t underestimate how much rubbish most projects produce! Even a home renovation project can mean several cubic yards of drywall, wood pieces, and other debris.

Also, consider how you’ll access the dumpster. For instance, 30-yard dumpsters usually have six-foot-tall walls, while 40-yard dumpsters are often eight feet tall! Choose something smaller or a walk-in model for walking debris into the dumpster.

On the other hand, those tall walls help keep rubbish tossed off a roof or from a second-story window contained. In turn, you might choose a 30-yard or 40-yard dumpster for upper-story renovations or reroofing projects.

Additionally, remember to consider the weight of rubbish produced by a project, not just its size. For example, land clearing might mean tossing out heavy concrete blocks. These might be too heavy for a 10-yard dumpster, even if they fit easily! Consider going up a size for projects that involve overly heavy trash.

rent a dumpster in Florida

How Can You Save on Dumpster Rental Prices?

To save on dumpster rental prices, consider any rubbish you can put out on the curb safely and legally. For instance, during a renovation project, you might sweep up smaller debris pieces and put them in heavy-duty trash bags. These might include wood shavings, lightweight tile, small plumbing pipes, and the like.

Also, note if you can donate any items you would otherwise toss during a renovation or cleanout. Local charities might appreciate clothes, books, toys, tools, and knickknacks. Some shops even accept flooring, bathroom fixtures, and other items in good condition. Setting aside these items for donation keeps them out of your dumpster!

Lastly, remember to break down pieces as much as possible when putting them in the dumpster. This allows you to fill it completely and get the most use out of your rental! For instance, you might detach or even break off furniture legs and roll up old carpeting. These simple steps compact all that rubbish, so your dumpster won’t fill up prematurely.

Bradenton Dumpster Rental is happy to help explain, how much are dumpsters in Florida? Hopefully you found this information useful! If so, visit our blog for even more helpful tips. Also, call us when you’re in the market for a Bradenton dumpster rental. We offer a variety of sizes sure to fit your project’s needs and your budget. Additionally, we’re happy to help explain various dumpster sizes and help you choose between them. For more information, use our contact form or just give us a call.


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