Homeowners Guide: What Can You Put in a Dumpster?

June 20, 2023

If you’re planning a cleanout or renovation project, you might ask, what can you put in a dumpster? This is a vital question, as property owners can’t toss just anything in a rented bin. Also, every rental company has its own rules and regulations about what they’ll collect and how their rentals work.

Typically, you can put the following items into a dumpster:

  • Wood and upholstered furniture
  • Household accessories (lamps, artwork, etc.)
  • Papers and cardboard
  • Dirt and yard waste
  • Small countertop appliances
  • Standard kitchen items (dishes, pots, and pans)
  • Tools
  • Construction debris

If you’re considering a temporary dumpster rental for your project, it’s important to consider this topic in more detail. Also, property owners should always remember safety, no matter the materials they’re tossing! For instance, even if a rental agency allows you to toss out glass doors and windows, you don’t want to have one shatter and risk injury to anyone near the dumpster.

With this in mind, check out some added information about what’s allowed in most rented dumpsters. Above all, ensure you read any rental agreement before signing, so you know what a local company might restrict and allow. These simple steps ensure you don’t face any surprises throughout your dumpster rental process.


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What Can You Put in a Dumpster?

Again, check with your local rental agency before you use a dumpster on your property. It’s especially important to do this if you want to toss anything hazardous or otherwise questionable.

Wood and upholstered furniture

Typically, a property owner can toss out just about any furniture item, including couches, chairs, and tables. This often includes painted items or moldy and mildewed pieces. However, check with a rental agency before throwing away mattresses or glass tables. Mattresses are flammable and glass is obviously dangerous, so some agencies might limit their disposal.

Household accessories

Along with furniture, property owners can typically toss out most household accessories. These include lamps, fans, artwork, knickknacks, TV remotes, and storage bins. Also, you can usually feel free to get rid of linens, including towels and sheets.

On the other hand, check with a rental agency before tossing out household appliances. Some allow everything except water heaters and refrigerators. Refrigerator coolant might need special handling and water heaters often require recycling. Your rental agency can advise you on your best option.

Paper and cardboard

Most dumpster rental agencies allow you to toss all paper and cardboard items. These include books, notebooks, storage boxes, wrapping paper, and greeting cards. If you need to get rid of any of these things, be sure to shred anything containing personal information! You might also cover over your address and other information on boxes with a marker.

Dirt and yard waste

Make a cleanup project easier by renting a dumpster for all that yard waste! Most rental agencies allow you to toss out dirt, yard waste, mulch, and most hardscape materials. These include brick, pavers, edging, and the like.

Small countertop appliances

If you’re planning a cleanout project for your home, you can probably toss small countertop appliances into your rented dumpster. In turn, you can get rid of blenders, waffle irons, rotisseries, and all those other bulky household junk you no longer use, and which just take up counter space!

Standard kitchen items & food waste

Along with countertop appliances, you can typically feel free to toss out other standard kitchen items with a rented dumpster. This includes dishes, pots and pans, baking utensils, silverware, and even items from the pantry. However, check with your rental agency before tossing out food waste and especially anything flammable such as cooking oil.

Tools and Equipment

Is it time to clean out the garage or toolshed of items you no longer use? Consider a dumpster rental for all those wrenches, screwdrivers, screws and nails, saws, and other items unsafe for everyday trash. Dumpsters also hold shovels, rakes, and larger items you can’t just break down and put in bags.

Construction scraps

Tossing out construction debris is a common reason for dumpster rentals. A dumpster or bin holds wood, metal, drywall, floor tile, carpeting, plumbing pipes, and wiring. You can also rent a bin for tossing bathroom and kitchen fixtures including sinks and old tubs. You can put in paint cans as long as the paint inside is dry.

Additionally, most dumpsters can hold roof shingles or tiles, insulation, flashing, and decking. Dumpsters might also contain all those empty containers of materials used during construction. This includes adhesives, leftover nails, and the like.


hazardous fluids and waste material

What Can’t You Put In a Dumpster?

While every dumpster rental company is different, as said, you might consider some general guidelines about restricted materials. Also, if you’re planning on getting rid of any of these things, especially potentially hazardous materials, don’t hesitate to ask your rental agency. They might haul away certain items if you use a specialty container or make other arrangements. It's important to follow these guidelines for proper disposal.

Hazardous Materials

  • Any flammable materials including cooking oil, propane tanks, lighter fluid, and charcoal fluid
  • Non-alkaline batteries, for example, car batteries, boat, and RV batteries
  • Asbestos and other hazardous materials
  • Medical waste disposal

You Can't Put In These Household Items

  • Electronic devices (phones, laptops, tablets) with the batteries still intact
  • Household cleaners fluids, paint cans, thinners, and adhesives
  • Tires and mattresses

If you need to dispose of these materials, please get in touch with a hazardous material collection center or your local fire department for the right information on where to dispose of these items properly.

Lastly, note that some dumpster rental agencies offer bins specifically for recyclable materials. In turn, you can help keep things out of landfills by sorting your rubbish as you go! Recyclable materials often include paper and cardboard, wood, some plastics, roofing shingles and tiles, glass, and construction scraps. Your rental company can give you added information about recycling your debris when possible.

dumpster with construction debris

Quick Tips for Ensuring Safety With a Rented Dumpster

Whatever you put in a rented dumpster, you want to ensure everyone’s safety! First, brace the dumpster wheels or legs with heavy brick or concrete chunks, especially if it’s on a sloping surface. Second, consider wearing protective eye gear, especially when handling glass or anything sharp or breakable.

Also, keep the area around the dumpster free of debris and tripping hazards. Use a sturdy stepstool or other equipment if you need to lift heavy objects over the dumpster side. When using a walk-in dumpster, remember that items can slide toward you at any time! Always be aware of items already in the bin when tossing out your rubbish.

Lastly, avoid overfilling a dumpster, as this might allow items to become dislodged. Also, your rental agency might not pick up a dumpster filled past a certain capacity. Check with your agency about these restrictions at the time of rental so you know when to stop filling the bin.

How Do You Get the Most Out of a Rented Dumpster?

Larger dumpsters and added pickups usually cost more than smaller bins. In turn, you might wonder how to get the most out of your rented dumpster! One way is to break down your rubbish as much as possible, so it sits flat in the bin. Two, put flat items in first, so you don’t have wasted space under them.

Also, consider if there are items you don’t need to put in a dumpster. Instead, you might set out some items with your everyday trash or even donate them. For instance, if you’re planning an estate cleanout, have a box ready for items to donate. You might use that box for clothes, artwork in good condition, and so on.

Bradenton Dumpster Rental is happy to help answer the question, what can you put in a roll off dumpster? Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful! Also, if you’re in the area, call our dumpster rental company for a free rental quote. We carry a wide variety of dumpster rental sizes sure to fit your needs and budget. For more information on local regulations or how to properly dispose of household items, contact us today.


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